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solar street light

solar street light

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We’ve built a reputation as the leading manufacturer of high-quality solar street lights over the last few decades. When it comes to creating, testing, and producing our goods, we make no compromises. So it’s no surprise that we’re the clear market leader in street lighting. We have improved urban architecture and enriched its quality as a leader in solar lights.

Each solar light in our system incorporates the greatest possible LED, driver technology, optics, and styling. Form and function come together to create trouble-free fixtures that save energy, maximize lumens per watt, and last longer. Luminaries is dedicated to giving you the most value for your money in terms of efficiency, performance, longevity, and design.


Designed by a state-of-the-art street light to harness the power and efficiency of LED technology, LED street light deliver an environmentally friendly solution while bringing uncompromising brilliance in efficiency, performance, longevity & style.
Lenses are made of high quality optical grade PMMA material having very high average transmittance. They provide exceptional colour mixing result with the highest efficiency, this is due to the careful engineering and precision manufacturing process.

why solar street light?

The effects of global warming were recently felt in Japan with the Earthquake and Tsunami. We are driven by the challenge of offering environmentally friendly technology and a more sustainable solution of renewable energy to our society as leaders in outdoor lighting.
Solar LED street lights are the greatest solution for the scenario. To begin with, LED lights consume substantially less energy than their traditional counterparts and last significantly longer, making them more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the quality of light generated by solar LED lights is significantly higher to that produced by conventional lights. Significantly improved colour rendition and visibility.


Our Specialist Product


Compared to other types of lighting, our solar LED street light variety has a number of environmental benefits.

Solar Lights use less energy

street light applications are generally use 40-60% less energy.

Optic Product Technology

Optic is a direct-refactor that minimises light losses

Efficient thermal management

Longevity is dependent on proper heat control.

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“We deliberated for a long time on which solar company distributor to choose, and Bharat Solar Energy  emerged as the clear winner. The company’s proven track record, first-rate technological expertise, and solid evidence of doing business responsibly were all crucial factors for us. “

Rajat jethi



“Everything about the physical installation on the house is stunning, and it matches the design document well. It was great to witness the electrician and rooftop installers in action; they clearly take delight in their work.”




“Our system was installed by Bharat Solar Energy in July and turned on just a few weeks ago. The expertise and attention to detail displayed by the installation staff impressed us. The panels are attractive, and I’ve received numerous compliments on their appearance from neighbours. .”

Lalit Bashera