Solar Home Appliances

Solar home system comprises of solar panels along with essential devices such as mobile charger, lighting, Fans and TV. The fact that the power output from the solar panel is not enough mandates the development of super-efficient appliances to suit the requirement of the solar panel, for example, fans which comes along Solar home system consumes 6-30 watts as compared to 70-100 watts conventional fan without compromising on the air delivery. A quality SHS can be bought of Rs 7,000-12,000 which may contain the following accessories

  • 3-5 LED bulb of 300-500 lumen
  • Battery 5000-6000 mAh
  • Mobile charger
  • 6-10 W Solar panel
  • Up to 24 hrs of runtime on a day’s charge

These SHS comes usually varies from 10 Watt-100 Watt (peak) often sufficient for normal household usage. Additionally, many players such as Sunking, Mitva, SELCO have come up with higher wattage potential, which can support super-efficient refrigerators.

Products Features

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  • Provides power and lighting to the places where the power supply is scarce
  • Systems available as per MNES specifications.
  • Power systems are manufactured to cater suit the needs of individual people and can be custom made as per their specifications and requirements.
  • Also manufacture CFL lamps, DC fans and other appliances as per order.

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