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solar powered dryer

solar powered dryer


Crops, vegetables, and fruits are dried in solar dryers to remove excess moisture. The solar dryer is constructed of readily available and inexpensive materials such as cement, galvanised iron, brick, and plywood. Transparent single and double-layered sheets cover the dryer’s top surface. To absorb incoming solar energy, the interior surface is painted black.


Solar dryers can be used for a variety of household functions. Textiles, wood, fruit and food processing, paper, pharmaceuticals, and agro-industries are just a few of the industries where they’re used. The following are some of the benefits of solar driers.


  • Solar dryers are less expensive than dryers that use traditional fuel or electricity.
  • The drying procedure is carried out in the most hygienic and environmentally responsible manner possible.
  • Solar drying systems are inexpensive to operate and maintain.
    Solar dryers are more durable. With proper maintenance, a standard dryer can last up to 15-20 years.


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