Solar Street Light

  • 138 lumens/watt high-lumen LED (from OSRAM).
    Exide’s premium 12 V 40 AH Lead Acid VRLA tubular battery is maintenance-free and designed for 12 W.
  • Texas Instruments PWM ICs, used by 90% of LED bulbs, provide minimal battery energy waste.
    automatic lighting control from night to dawn.
  • Greater than 45 hours of independence.
  • Electronic defense against deep discharge, which lengthens the life of the battery
  • Temperature-adjusted charging ensures that there is enough battery power to maintain a full illuminating duration throughout the long winter nights.
  • Longer battery life and efficiency are ensured through temperature correction, two-stage smart charging (CC and CV), and protection against overcharging in the summer.
  • High-quality polycrystalline Solar PV Module with MNRE Approval

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We’ve built a reputation as the leading manufacturer of high-quality solar street lights over the last few decades. When it comes to creating, testing, and producing our goods, we make no compromises. So it’s no surprise that we’re the clear market leader in street lighting. We have improved urban architecture and enriched its quality as a leader in solar lights.

Each solar light in our system incorporates the greatest possible LED, driver technology, optics, and styling. Form and function come together to create trouble-free fixtures that save energy, maximize lumens per watt, and last longer. Luminaries are dedicated to giving you the most value for your money in terms of efficiency, performance, longevity, and design.


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