non chemical water treatment system

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Electric field, magnetic field, electro-magnetic field, ultraviolet (UV), cavitation, and ozone generating devices are examples of non-chemical water treatment technologies. They’re all meant to take the place of all or portion of the traditional chemicals used to treat water in chiller condensers and cooling towers.

Catalytic technology

As the water flows through the core of Fluid Dynamic Product, it will create a turbulence, and this will force the carbon dioxide to come out of solution (Co3) and bind with calcium (Ca++) to form calcium carbonate (CaCo3) in the form of Calcite Crystals. This form of crystals will cause scaling. However, as the calcite crystal touches the core, a small electric current will be produced and this will convert the calcite to aragonite crystals and keep it suspended in the water. This form of calcium carbonate (aragonite) is unable to form scale.

Salient Features

  • The Limetron prevents scale build up and hard water stains when installed on new systems and gradually removes scale from previously untreated older systems ( this process is gradual and it may take up to several months to de-scale a previously untreated system )
  • No detrimental effect on drinking water unlike salt utilizing conventional water softeners
  • As the Limetron replaces existing water softeners all the running costs and inconveniences associated with the use of conventional water softeners is eliminated. No more salt carrying, water waste and no more damage to the environment.
  • You can fit and forget the Limetron as the Fluid Dynamics solution is completely maintenance free requiring no chemicals, electricity or salt.
  • With no backwashing required a continual water supply is assured.


Under certain circumstances, water is forced to discharge Calcium Carbonate. The Calcium Carbonate discharged in this way is Calcite, a hard scale. Calcite will accumulate on the nearest receptive surface, typically metallic. In Pictures shown to the untreated form of calcium carbonate. This is the hard scale deposited by untreated water. 


Aragonite is a form of Calcium Carbonate crystal that unlike Calcite prefers to stick to itself and grow attracting more Calcium. It remains suspended in water rather than depositing onto metal surfaces. In Picture is shown the treated form of calcium carbonate. Unlike calcite, aragonite stays in suspension and is carried through the system to the drain. As a result the system does not scale.

hard water scaling problems & solutions


Residential Application


Point of use and commercial application


Commercial whole treatment system.


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