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FPC Solar Water Heater



Flat plate collector(FPC) is a metal box with a glass cover (called glazing) on top and a dark colored absorber plate at the middle. The sides and bottom of the collector are usually insulated to minimize the heat loss. Sunlight passes through the glazing and strikes the absorber plate, which is made of copper plate, which heats up, changing solar energy into heat energy ensuring high efficiency and durability. The heat is transferred to liquid passing through pipes attached to the absorber plate.

collector specification

system specification

Collector Size

2.17 sq. mtr. 

System Type

Non Pressurized or  Pressurized

Absorber Area

2.01 sq. mtr. 

Tank Material

304/316/55 904 Duplex/ Glass enameled

No. of Riser Tube Per Collector

9 per Collector


High density PUF / Rockwool

Grommat (Sealing Gasket)

EPDM Rubber 

Outer Tank Cladding




Domestic System Size

100, 200, 300, 400 & 500 Ltrs

Absorber Plate 

Copper Aluminum

Commercial System Size

1000 Ltrs and above-customised

Glazing Cover

Toughed Clear Glass

Electrical Backup Heater


Absorber Riser Bonding

Ultrasonic/Laser Welding

Tank Protection

Magnesium-Sacrifical anode

features of etc solar water heater

  • Ultrasonic welded fins and tubes for optimum heat transfer.
  • Toughened glass with high transmission efficiency.
  • Ultra Conductive Collectors.
  • High Density Insulation.
  • High selective absorber sheet.
  • Superior Durability.
  • High Quality Components.
  • Efficient heating performance.

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Rajat jethi



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Lalit Bashera