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dc home light

dc home light


Electricity is the lifeblood of the modern world. Unfortunately, millions more homes around the world remain without electricity. Solar energy is the new hope for all of these folks because of its availability and affordability. As a result, we’ve developed the DC Home Lighting System.


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“We deliberated for a long time on which solar company distributor to choose, and Bharat Solar Energy  emerged as the clear winner. The company’s proven track record, first-rate technological expertise, and solid evidence of doing business responsibly were all crucial factors for us. “

Rajat Jethi



“Everything about the physical installation on the house is stunning, and it matches the design document well. It was great to witness the electrician and rooftop installers in action; they clearly take delight in their work.”

Mayank kumar



“Our system was installed by Bharat Solar Energy in July and turned on just a few weeks ago. The expertise and attention to detail displayed by the installation staff impressed us. The panels are attractive, and I’ve received numerous compliments on their appearance from neighbours. .”

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